Please read carefully the following information before booking your flights. If you have any question about your travel arrangements, please contact directly our local organisers Carlos Herrera and Carlos Egas.

Arrival: To arrive in the Galapagos, you need to fly from Guayaquil, Ecuador (airport code: GYE). Three airlines (AeroGal, LAN and TAME) fly directly to the Galapagos. Flights from Quito also stop in Guayaquil. There are no suitable flights that arrive in the Galapagos on the morning of Monday August 11, so you will have to arrive on Sunday August 10. From Guayaquil, you can book a flight to two possible airports in the Galapagos:
  1. San Cristobal (SCY) airport is the most convenient option as the main part of the conference will be in San Cristobal (and this is where we start on Monday).
  2. Santa Cruz/Baltra (GPS) airport is located on an adjacent island. If you choose to arrive to Santa Cruz, first you should take a taxi from the airport to the seaport, then a boat from Santa Cruz's seaport to San Cristobal's seaport, the boat ride takes around 2 hours. The taxi ride price is 20 USD and the boat ride is 30 USD, also the last boat from Santa Cruz to San Cristobal leaves at 2 pm, so anyone travelling this way is advised to stay the night in Santa Cruz and take the first boat in the morning to San Cristobal.

Departure: The conference will end on Friday August 15 in time to be able to take the 12.40 or 12.55 flight from San Cristobal SCY airport to Guayaquil GYE airport.


Accommodation is only included in the full registration fee (not in the Ecuadorian registration fee), and only for the conference duration. The hotel is the Grand Hotel Chatham, in San Cristobal.
All participants are required to arrange their own accommodation for the night between Sunday and Monday (August 10-11). Participants with the Ecuadorian registration fee also need to arrange their accommodation during the conference. We suggest to choose a hotel close to the technical sessions venue, at the Interpretation Center.
Anyone wishing to stay in the Galapagos after the end of the conference (Friday) will have to make such arrangements themselves.

Entry tax to protected areas of Galapagos island

Please note that the Ecuadorian government imposes an entry tax for anyone travelling to the Galapagos islands in order to help support the preservation of these precious islands and their fragile ecosystem. This tax is not included in the registration fee and is to be paid on arrival in the Galapagos. The tax is as follows:
  • Foreign tourists, non-residents of Ecuador over 12 years: 100 USD
  • Foreign tourists, non-residents of Ecuador under 12 years: 50 USD
  • Foreign tourists non-residents of Ecuador over 12 years, nationals of one of the countries belonging to the Andean Community of Nations or Mercosur: 50 USD
  • Foreign tourists non-residents of Ecuador under 12 years, nationals of one of the countries belonging to the Andean Community of Nations or Mercosur: 25 USD
  • Tourists and foreign nationals residing in Ecuador, over 12 years: 6 USD
  • Tourists and foreign nationals residing in Ecuador, under 12 years: 3 USD
  • Tourists, students not living in Ecuador who are enrolled in national educational institutions: 25 USD

Packing List

  • Cash
    • There is only one ATM available on the island, and most places do not accept credit cards, so it is strongly recommended that you bring cash.
    • The currency used in Ecuador is US Dollars (USD).
    • You will need to pay 100 USD in cash as entrance fee to the Galapagos national park upon arrival. Please make sure that you have the money to pay this.
  • Other suggested items to bring
    • pair of tennis shoes
    • swimsuits
    • sweatshirt, sweater, or light jacket
    • hat
    • sunscreen - we will spend a lot of time in the sun, including snorkeling, so bring a high SPF sunscreen
    • camera
    • video camera
    • extra lenses
    • filters (especially a polarizing filter)
    • waterproof carrying bag
    • sunglasses
    • binoculars
    • backpack (for island excursions)
    • waterproof watch
    • plastic bags (that close completely)
  • Medication
    • Please remember to carry any personal medication you are prescribed.