The technical sessions of the ExtremeCom 2011 conference will be held at the Federal University of Amazonas:

Auditório Rio Javari
Campus Universitário
Faculdade de Tecnologia - Setor Norte
Av. Rodrigo Octavio, 6.200
Manaus – AM – CEP 69.077-000

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The ExtremeCom 2011 conference starts on Monday, September 26, 2011. The outline of the conference week is described in the following.

  • Monday, 26/09/2011: The conference begins in the morning at the Federal University of Amazonas, in Manaus city, with a reception at the University. Participants are then transferred by boat to Tupé, where the opening ceremony will take place. After lunch, the participants will have the first contact with the communities. Finally, during diner, indigenous will present their dance performance.
  • Tuesday, 27/09/2011: Visit to communities by boats. After
    lunch, trekking from Julião Community to Central Community, where a DTN node will be installed.
  • Wednesday, 28/09/2011: DTN deployment and tests. After lunch, a tour by boat is planed, where participants will visit the Meeting of Waters (Portuguese: Encontro das Águas), the confluence between the Rio Negro, a river with dark water, and the sandy-coloured Amazon River (or Rio Solimões). The tour will end in Manaus.
  • Thursday, 29/09/2011: Full day of technical conference at the Federal University of Amazonas, in Manaus. Conference dinner in the evening.
  • Friday, 30/09/2011: Full day of technical conference at the Federal University of Amazonas, in Manaus. The conference concludes ath the end of the day and a closing ceremony will take place, where two local folkloric groups (Garantido and Caprichoso) will present their dance performance. We advise participants to book flights out of Manaus on Saturday 01/10/2011.

Local arrangements

Important information regarding the local arrangements of the ExtremeCom conference are listed hereafter (more updates will come later). Please make sure you read this carefully before registering and once again before leaving for the conference.

Food: All food during the workshop will be included in the registration fee and is mainly sourced from local dishes (fish, meat, chicken, vegetable, rice, beans, salad, etc) from the area.

Packing list: For an enjoyable experience, it is important that participants bring suitable equipment for the trekking and the environment. We suggest the following packing list, with important items to bring.
  • Clothing
    During the trekking in the jungle, it is convenient to wear long trousers and long sleeved shirts, both of durable fabric, trekking shoes should also protect at least the ankle.
  • Medication
    Please remember to carry any personal medication you are prescribed. Besides, you may carry pills for headache, nausea/motion sickness. Note that medications are also available locally. We will be carrying first aid kits and doctors will be also available during the whole conference.
  • Trek necessities
    • Torchlight/flashlight
    • Extra batteries
    • Mosquito repellents
    • Blister patches (e.g., Compeed)
    • Rain gear
    • Trekking shoes
    • Good backpack.
  • Water
    The trek organisers will provide one bottled water per day per person during the hike. While at the technical sessions' conference, bottled drinking water will be available.

Accomodation during the trekking:

We will camp in the Sustainable Development Reserve Tupé in equatorial forest area, situated about 40 minutes from Manaus, arriving by speedboat without road access. Therefore, we kindly ask participates to respect the nature and do not pollute the reserve.

We are in the dry season. The temperature is high with occasional showers. We advise participants to check the Weather conditions in Manaus before preparing their baggages.

Hammocks will be provided in the jungle for the night, and participants will be instructed on how to assemble and use them. For those who cannot adapt to the hammocks, there will be tents with beds. Participants may bring individual sleeping materials; however, sleeping bags and mats are not recommended due to the presence of snakes and other poisonous insects.

There will be toilets on site and generators for producing electricity. There will be links to local radio and to Manaus. The Vivo cell phone operator will probably be also available.

Army general recommendations:
  • There are many mosquitoes with tropical diseases like malaria, leishmaniasis, filariasis and dengue endemic to the trekking location. The mosquito activity occurs mainly in the early morning and late afternoon. It is mandatory that each individual apply appropriate sunscreen and insect repellent.
  • Participant are strongly recommended to get the yellow fever vaccine before travelling to Amazonas (Manaus), Brazil. Vaccination must take place at least 10 days prior to the date of entry to Brazil for the certificate to become valid. Always carry with you your International Certificate of Vaccination, signed by a doctor and validated with an official stamp, as you may be required by local health authorities to prove that you have been inoculated against yellow fever. For the latest information on endemic diseases, like malaria, dengue fever and vaccination requirements for Latin America you can check the NHS Fit for Travel website: www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk or the websites of the National Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC) at: http://www.nathnac.org/travel/index.
  • There has been no indication of large predators in the camp area. However, there is the possibility of encountering poisonous snakes, scorpions, big ants (Tucandeiras) and Cabas (Wasps). As a result, movement is not permitted outside the camping area, and if a movement is absolutely necessary, it will only be allowed with prior permission, with a clearly marked destination and with at least one companion.
  • The location is a beach on the Black River. Swimming is only permitted under supervision.
  • Belts and canteens will be available although those who wish may bring their own. Water for consumption will be supplied by the organization. If the water is obtained from any other source, it should be treated with chlorine (which will be provided). Frequent consumption of water is highly recommended.
  • Participants will have four meals a day: breakfast, lunch, a heavy and earlier dinner and a later and lighter snack. Consumption of food or drink not provided by the organization should be avoided. Those who wish may take supplements.
  • There will be a medical team on site to assist the participants. Occasional or chronic diseases should be reported to medical staff. Required or occasional consumption of any medicines should be made known to the medical team. If necessary, evacuation may be conducted to Manaus.
  • Participants may bring and use articles of personal hygiene. On-site purchase of any forgotten items will be VERY difficult.
  • Participants should bring a small backpack for personal belongings while traveling on any jungle trails. For movement in the jungle, one should wear long trousers, long sleeved shirts, both of durable fabric, and sturdy shoes to protect at least the ankles.


We suggest the following hotels for your stay in Manaus. Their selection was mainly due to their proximity to the Federal University of Amazonas, where the technical sessions of the conference will take place. Please note that in any given hotel, the vacancy is not assured, so we advise that you reserve the rooms as soon as possible.

Note: The organizers will provide free transport to and from the conference venue only for participants staying in the following hotels: Confort Hotel Manaus, Novotel, and IBIS Manaus. Additionally, special rates were only negotiated for ExtremeCom participants staying at the Confort Hotel Manaus.

  1. Confort Hotel Manaus

    Av. Mandii, 263 – Distrito Industrial - 69075-140 – Manaus / AM
    (55 92) 2123 8999 – Fax: (55 92) 2123 8950

    We have negotiated the rates for ExtremeCom participants. Please mention the event name and location when you make reservations. This is valid if you book a room for any day in the following periods: from 23rd to 26th September or from 26th to 30th September. If you have problems with making a reservation at the discount rate, please contact Mr. Anderson Rodrigues. See here for more information.

    Sepecial Rate for the event:
    26th to 30th September

    Room CategorySingleDouble
    SuperiorR$ 176.00R$ 206.00
    Deluxe -- --

    Special Weekend Rate:
    23th to 26th September

    Room CategorySingleDouble
    SuperiorR$ 153.00R$ 165.00
    Deluxe -- --

  2. Novotel

    Avenida Mandii 4, Distrito Industrial Manaus-AM CEP 69.075-140

    Price range:
    Room rates range from R$209.00 to R$ 295.00, depending on the type of room and days.

  3. IBIS Manaus

    Avenida Mandii, 4 - Distrito Industrial Manaus-AM CEP 69.075-140

    Price range:
    Room rates range from R$111.00 to R$ 140.00, depending on the type of room and days.

  4. Holliday Inn Manaus

    Rua Rodrigo Otavio 3555 Manaus-AM CEP 69.0777-000

    Price range:
    Room rates range from R$363.00 to R$445.00, depending on the type of room and days.