Student Travel Grants

(c) airJaldi, 2010.

We are please to announce that we have been able to allocate some funds to provide travel grants for students wishing to attend ExtremeCom 2010, but lacking funds to do so otherwise. Priority for the travel grants will be given to students who do not have a paper accepted at the workshop.

The ExtremeCom workshop provides a great opportunity for students of DTNs, ICT4D, networks for challenged areas, and related areas to discuss these topics with other researchers and also experience the target environments for these types of systems in real life. ExtremeCom 2010 will begin with a multi-day hike through the mountains of the Dharamsala region of India, where the airJaldi.org network is deployed. This is followed by a technical workshop where research papers and demos are presented.

The travel grant will cover the full registration fee for the workshop, which also includes all food during the workshop as well as accomodation during the hiking part of the workshop.

To apply for the grant, please send an email to andersl[@]sics.se and ben[@]net.t-labs.tu-berlin.de containing:

  1. Name, university affiliation, and student status (Ph.D/M.Sc. student, and how far progressed you are)
  2. Motivation to why you would benefit from attending the workshop
  3. Letter of recommendation from supervisor
Successful applicants should submit a short report on their experience from the workshop within one month of returning back home.

Please submit your application AT THE LATEST on July 18, but please anote that we reserve the right to process applications as they arrive (in order to give applicants quick answers and make it easier to book cheap flight tickets), so submit your applications as soon as possible.