Dharamsala, India

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The 2nd Extreme Workshop on Communication will be held in Dharamsala, in northern India.

What should I bring?

Clothing: Please carry warm clothes & thermal underwear (for cold nights!). During the treks, layered clothing is advisable.

Medication: Please remember to carry any personal medication you are prescribed. Besides, you may carry pills for headache, nausea/motion sickness. Note: Medications are also available locally. We will be carrying first aid kits throughout the workshop.

Trek necessities: Torchlight/flashlight, rain gear, trekking shoes, day pack (you can leave things you don’t need behind at a secure location arranged by us. Major camping equipment will be carried by mules separately)

Water: The trek organisers will provide 4L of bottled water per day per person during the hike. While at the workshop and otherwise, bottled drinking water will be available.

Other: Extra batteries, if needed. Sunscreen. Insect repellent. Note: Available locally as well.

Map of the treks

The group going on the easier trek will be connecting a village school in Kareri village, while the team doing the more challenging trek will be setting up a relay on the Triund range. Please contact Michael Ginguld from air Jaldi for any queries about the treks.

Hotel recommendations

Please note that in any given hotel, the vacancy is not assured, so we advise that you reserve the rooms as soon as possible. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact Arti Sinha or Michael Ginguld from airJaldi.

  • Nandini Residency
    Naddi, Upper Dharamsala
    Tel.: +91 9857 424 212
    Email: nandini.residency@gmail.com
    Distance from venue: ~ 1km

    Note: Please mention ExtremeCom and AirJaldi when you make reservations, in order to avail a 20% discount (if you book for 4th, 8th, 9th, 10th Sep.). You will receive a 25% discount if you book for a week or more.

    Price range: Room rates range from INR 2500 – 4500 (~ USD 50 – 100), depending on the type of room.

  • Udechee Huts
    Naddi, Upper Dharamsala
    Tel.: +91 9816 021 781
    Email: info@udecheehuts.com
    Distance from venue: ~ 1.5km

    Note: Please mention ExtremeCom and AirJaldi when you make reservations, and you will be offered a 10% discount.

    Price range: INR 1540 – INR 3300 (~USD 32 – 70), ranging from standard rooms to super deluxe suites.

  • Dal lake Resorts
    Dal lake, Naddi road
    Tel.: +91 9418 413 641 or +91 1892 220 715
    Email: dallakeresort@yahoo.com
    Distance from venue: ~ 0.7km

    Note: Please mention ExtremeCom and AirJaldi to avail special room rates.

    Price range: INR 800 for a room (~USD 17)

  • Peace House
    Upper TCV, Dal lake (Workshop venue)
    Email: Arti Sinha
    Distance from venue: 0km

    Note: This guesthouse is located at the workshop venue. The rooms available are dorm style, some with bunk beds, and others with 2-3 single beds to a room. Shared bathrooms are present in the common area.

    Price range: INR 300 - 350

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