Technical Program


We are pleased to present you below the final technical program of the ExtremeCom worskhop 2009. The workshop starts on Saturday 8th August with a 5-day hike into the mountains, before reaching Staloluokta on Wednesday. The talk sessions are then opened on Wednesday afternoon and scheduled as follows, until Friday morning.


16.00 - Arriving in Saltoluokta, and check-in to rooms.

17.00 - Opening Session:
  • Welcome by chairs
  • Keynote: The Importance of Time,
    by Elwyn Davies, Managing Director at Folly Consulting Ltd.
18.30 - Dinner.


N.B.: Demos will be available to view during breaks this day.

9.00-10.30 - Testing and Evaluation: 11.00-12.00 - Invited talk:
  • Communication from the Perspective of an Indigenous People,
    by Fritz åke Kuoljok, reindeer herder and arctic regional editor for www.indigenousportal.com.
12.00-13.30 - Lunch.

13.30-14.30 - Management: 15.00-16.00 - Invited talk:
  • A Path to Sámi Society - Sámi Traditional Knowledge and Cultural Understanding. Examples from Research in the Educational Arena in Sápmi,
    by Asta Mitkijá Balto, associate professor at Sámi university college in Guovdageaidnu, Norway.
16.30-18.30 - Routing and Forwarding: 18.30 - Workshop Dinner and presentation about traditional Sámi life


9.00-10.30 - Social Networks: 10.30-11.00 - Closing session: comments from the chairs

Demos (during breaks in the program for Thursday)