Padjelanta National Park

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Padjelanta National park, established in 1962 is the largest national park in Sweden and stretching across 2000 square metres one of the largest in Europe. Located between the Norwegian border and Sarek National Park, Padjelanta is an oasis of pure beauty. Rolling plains intertwined with an abundance of crystal clear still lakes the larger of which, Virhaure and Vastenjaure will simply take your breath away.
Home to a wealth of natural wildlife, visitors to Padjelanta wil be gifted with the sight of Snowy owls, arctic foxes and wild Reindeer to name but a few. The park is extremely accessable for such a vast arctic landscape and there are a number of trails running through the park with accommodation along the way. One of the better known trails is the 800 kilometre long Nordkalottru hiking trail that passes through the park on its journey across three international borders.

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ExtremeCom 2009 starts on Saturday, August 8, 2009. Below is an outline of the workshop week.

  • Friday: People arrive in Luleå or Gällivare. Accomodation is arranged by participants themselves.
  • Saturday: The workshop begins in the afternoon/evening in Ritsem. Participants are transferred by helicopter to Kutjaure. A short hike to Kisuris takes place and the night is spent there.
  • Sunday: Hike from Kisuris to Låddojokk.
  • Monday: Hike from Låddojokk to Arasluokta.
  • Tuesday: Hike from Arasluokta to Staloluokta, one of the main sites for the N4C summer tests.
  • Wednesday: Spend the morning in Staloluokta, relaxing (sauna available here) or going on a shorter hike. Fly by helicopter to Ritsem in the afternoon and take a bus and boat to Saltoluokta. Technical program starts in Saltoluokta.
  • Thursday: Full day of technical workshop in Saltoluokta. Workshop dinner in the evening.
  • Friday: Technical workshop concludes after morning session to allow participants to catch flights later in the day.

Local arrangements

This section lists some important information regarding the local arrangements of the ExtremeCom workshop. Please make sure you read this carefully before registering and once more before leaving for the workshop.

Author registration: At least one author for each paper must register for the workshop. At registration, the presenting author should indicate this in the appropriate field and specify the paper number.

Workshop fee: The registration fee for the workshop includes all food and accomodation during the workshop itself, as well as boat and helicopter transfer where indicated in the program. Accomodation can either be in mountain cabins, where beds and linen are available, or participants can choose to bring their own tents to sleep in for a more adventurous experience and lower registration fee. Participants are however responsible for getting to and from the location of the workshop themselves (more information regarding this can be found on the travel information page).

The workshop fee for people sleeping in cabins is 7600 SEK ($980/€700/£600).
The workshop fee for people sleeping in their own tents is 6200 SEK ($800/€570/£490).

Food: All food during the workshop will be included in the registration fee, and is mainly sourced from local delicacies (fish, reindeer, etc) from the area. As all food will have to be transported into the field with helicopter and/or hikers, it is very important that you specify any dietary constraints at the time of registration, as it might be difficult or impossible to provide alternative food if it has not been requested ahead of time.

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Accomodation: In the cabins along the Padjelanta trail, accomodation is in rooms with 4-6 beds in each room. There are blankets and pillows there. Cabins get fairly hot, so it is sufficient with a lighter sleeping bag or travel sheets. Sauna is available in Staloluokta and probably in Araluokta. Bring your own towel, soap, shampoo, etc. Sauna available at different times for men and women. When leaving the cabins, you are responsible for cleaning your room and common areas. In Saltoluokta, there is electricity, showers, and sauna. Might be good to bring other clothes there and lighter shoes (sandals, sneakers, or similar). The packing that you only want to bring to Saltoluokta, we hope to be able to leave on the way up and store there until after the hike. There are some single rooms in Saltoluokta, but most people will have to share rooms here as well (2-6 beds per room). Sheets and towels are available here. GSM coverage available.

Packing list: For an enjoyable experience, it is important that participants bring suitable equipment for the hike and the environment. We suggest the following packing list, with important items to bring.

  • Good backpack.
  • Toilet paper (there are "toilets" in the cabins, but it might come in handy while hiking)
  • Blister patches (e.g., Compeed)
  • Cup
  • Plate and bowl for eating food on/in
  • Cutlery
  • Thermos
  • Toiletries
  • Mosquito repellents
  • Warm sweater
  • Watertight shoes that are comfortable to walk in, boots
  • Extra socks (to reduce the risk of blisters, it is good to use two pairs of socks in your shoes, one pair preferrably wollen)
  • Rain gear (waterproof trousers and jacket)
  • Sleeping bag or travel sheets (good sleeping bag necessary for those staying in tents)
  • Padded mat to sleep on for people staying in tents
  • Shorts or similar (we might get nice weather as well!)
  • Hat or cap
  • Comfortable clothes to hike in (wind proof), and change of clothes

Good links: Here are some interesting links if you want to better prepare your trip.

Travel arrangements

Arriving: Participants must make sure that they arrive in Ritsem in time for the helicopter transfer on Saturday, August 8, 2008, which will be around 7 pm, and are also responsible to arrange transportation from Kebnats after the workshop ends on Friday, August 14. Below are some suggested travel arrangements to make sure this happens.

Flying into Gällivare: Gällivare airport is the closest one to the workshop location. If you are coming from outside of Sweden, you will be landing on Stockholm Arlanda airport (this is the main airport of Stockholm - if arriving by Ryan Air or similar airlines, you will arrive at a different airport, and will have to arrange ground transportation to Arlanda airport). From Arlanda, you can fly into Gällivare airport with the Next Jet airline. There are no flights into Gällivare on the Saturday, so you would have to fly there on the Friday (there is a flight leaving Arlanda at 18:50 on Friday) and spend the night at a hotel there. Flights can be booked through the Next Jet website. On Saturday, you take the bus from Gällivare station to Ritsem at 15.15, arriving in Ritsem at 18.45. The bus can be booked at http://bokatag.se/en/. Accomodation in Gällivare: Gällivare Bed & Breakfast or Gällivare Camping.

Flying into Luleå: Luleå airport (LLA) is further away from Gällivare, but there are much more frequent flights there, and it is usually also cheaper to fly there. From Arlanda, you can either fly with Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) or Norwegian. As you need to leave Luleå in the morning on Saturday, you would need to fly in here on Friday evening as well. Another option, if you do not want to stay at a hotel, would be to take the night train up from Stockholm, which leaves Stockholm Central at 18:12 and arrives at 06:55 (can be booked here). On Saturday, you take the train from Luleå C to Gällivare at 10.20, where you join the people flying into Gällivare, taking the same bus to Ritsem.
The train and bus can be booked here (you can enter Luleå C to Ritsem and get both on the same ticket). Recommended hotels in Luleå: Amber Hotel or Best Western Arctic Hotel.

Leaving: The workshop will end in time to catch the 11:50 bus from Kebnats to Gällivare, arriving there at 13:55, allowing enough time for people to either catch the 15.45 flight from Gällivare to Stockholm, or the train to Luleå, arriving there at 17:48, with several flights leaving Luleå after that. Once again, tickets for bus and/or train can be booked at http://bokatag.se/en/.